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# Version 41.0.9, release-date 2022-06-09
* This build is a pre-release of version 4.2 of X-definition.
It supports implementation of data formats JSON, XON, Properties,
and Windows INI, and CSV. Those features are undocumented yet.
However, this buld supports all features of version 4.1.
* Asterisk (`*`) may be now used for sequential parameters specifying minimum
or maximum of `minLength`, `maxLength`, `minInclusive`, or  `maxInclusive`.
* In XON format it is now possible to write `=` (equal sign) after a name of
named value even if it is quoted.
* prepared new internal format of XON -> XMl contersion (see methods
* In XON format follows after the name of value a colon (instead of equal sign).
* XON command names in X-definition models are now `x:script`, and `x:oneOf`
instead of `$script` and `$oneOf`.