X-definition is registered technology of the firm Syntea software group a.s., for professional work with XML documents.

For the purpose of describing the structure of XML documents, their validation, processing and creation, this tool was developed by Syntea Software Group Inc. It allows the user to not only define the structure of XML documents, but also to describe specifically their processing and construction. ATTENTION, 19.6.2018 we realeased the source code of the X-defiition, which is now part of the JAR file, in the  DOWNLOAD SECTION.

Informatics evenings - X-definition - processing and data transforming

Preview of xml schemes validation by X-definition

The basic properties of X-definition include:

  • integration of technologies for validation, processing, transformation and construction of XML documents
  • readable description of the structure of XML documents also based on XML
  • design of X-Definition “step by step”
  • connection to the database
  • the possibility to generate source Java sorts representing XML data (meaning X-Components, similar to JAXB)
  • effective data processing and error processing
  • easy maintenance of large amounts of data types in large projects
  • the possibility of processing large data sets (many gigabytes)

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